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Fiat 128 Abarth Slalom Racing

A Fiat 128 Abarth autobianchi is racing in a hillclimb slalom track supra killer car which is very fast in slalom. abarth punto evo power no match but it is the best car you find around in italy. very fast like fiat coupe or fiat uno. Bergrennen in Italien. The race was not part from the Berg Cup Series and was not at the races in European Hill Race Eschdorf or in eschdorf or Homburg or Oberhallau or Glasbach or Unterfranken or Mickhausen or St. Agatha or Osnabrücker or Osnabrück or in Wolsfelder it was only a race in italy and I even don't know the real name of the place - and how the region was called.

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