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Fiat 124 Coolant Flow - International Auto Parts

Fiat 124 Coolant Flow This is a tech tip from International Auto Parts explaining how the coolant flow process in your Fiat 124 motor works with the thermostats and hoses. There are four hoses that are in play here. The upper right hose is the hose that connects to the radiator. This hose is how water gets back to the radiator to keep it cool. The lower left hose is where the water comes back up to the thermostat. The short little hose in the middle is the water pump hose. The top left hose is the thermostat to head hose. The way this system works is once your water is warm; water goes out through the upper right hose where the water cools in the radiator. Then comes back up the lower hose to the thermostat where it goes through the water pump hose to the water pump. Once the water is in the water pump it spreads to the motor where the water is brought back up to the water tee connected to the two upper hoses where it then re-circulates through the radiator again. Once the water cools off the thermostat actually closes off. Now when the water comes back out of the tee in the top middle connecting the two hoses; it goes back down through the upper left hose. The water keeps getting circulated through the motor till the water gets hot. Once the water is hot the thermostat reopens and circulates back through the radiator again. Radiator Hoses Water Pumps Part # 3346 (Fiat External Thermostat) ...

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