Video - 1984 Pininfarina Spider (aka Fiat Spider) - We Get Around ! ! !

Videa Fiat 124 1984 Pininfarina Spider (aka Fiat Spider) - We Get Around ! ! !

1984 Pininfarina Spider (aka Fiat Spider) - We Get Around ! ! !

Living in Cincinnati Ohio at the time (Aug 2002) I bought a 1984 Pininfarina Spider from Las Vegas Nevada... flew out and drove her home! ... all » Going through Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio... whew! It was a 2187 mile trip with ZERO trouble and only 1/2 quart of oil. This was my second (Fiat Spider 124 / Pininfarina Spider), the first I one I owned for only two years back in the early 1980's was a 5k mile 1982 Fiat LEMON. The worst car I've ever owned! Well since almost twenty years had passed... to where I had forgot the "bad times", I dove into this one fully optimistic... and she has been a ball to own! Nothing like the first experience.. thank GOD :O) Since my trip to Vegas back in August 2002, we have moved and brought along my Pininfarina to Tallahassee Florida for almost two years (way too hot for us!)... and then just this past Thanksgiving 2006, we moved to Bigfork Montana! Yes... MONTANA! More pictures will be on the way with some video too as soon as the "sports car weather" here in Montana breaks! Ok, I can here the jokes now... yes, "All two weeks of it!" :O) Ciao! -Kent

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